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Given my lifelong love affair with baseball, it was only natural that I write books that have something to with the national pastime. My first book, “Return to Dead City” is actually a mystery about a minor league ballplayer who is found slain in a hotel room. It’s a rather dark book that takes hard-drinking detective Cozzy Crager on the trail of the murderer. It features some colorful characters, and of course, includes the game of baseball.

I really enjoyed this book. Part of the enjoyment comes from knowing the town in Central PA that is the city upon which Centre Town is based, even though it is really nothing like the city portrayed in the book. At the time in which this book was set, this town did have a AA baseball team that eventually moved away to some other place. Now, I understand, there is another team located there, which is at the most A, or maybe even lower on the major league totem pole. I found the atmosphere done correctly, and the characters drawn quite well.
– Frank J. Konopka
Amazon Reviewer

I stuck with baseball to write my second book, “Nothing Down.” This book in many ways is closest to my heart. As a longtime amateur ballplayer whose best days are behind him, I can identify with the Homer Newbody character, a New York Yankees rookie sensation who announces to the world that he’d be happy to play the game for nothing, a proclamation that ends up haunting him. But Homer simply loves and respects the game. He’s a small town guy taking his lumps in the big city while doing his best. Homer Newbody is the Roy Hobbs character from “The Natural” without all the warts. Or is he?

Reuther is successful in building up the character of Homer so that the readers can be engaged significantly. The story builds up to a surprise ending that no-one would expect. So, read the book and find out how it all ends. Nothing Down by Mike Reuther is a wonderful book which extols small town virtues, the environment of a big city with high stakes, adoring fans, and an inquiring press.
– Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
Amazon Vine Reviewer

The author’s love for and knowledge of the game are palpable from the start and he creates a “Mark Fidrych”-like character in Homer that makes the reader want to be his close friend. I found myself rooting for Homer the way I did Roy Hobbs in “The Natural”. All I can say is, I want more of the same.I hope the author continues his love affair with baseball with another novel in this genre.Well done Mike Reuther.
– The Faunster
Amazon Reviewer

As a freelance writer, longtime journalist, former editor, and author, I think I know a little bit about writing. “Write the Darn Book” is a self-help guide for aspiring authors looking to write that first book. But it’s also helpful for the struggling authors who might need a jump-start in getting a work off the launching pad. I try to convey the message that the best way to write a book is to do it fast, not to get hung up on thinking and editing while writing. There’s also valuable information about the publishing world and literary agents.

Ok I have written quite a few books over the years (nine in fact, many of them fantasy sports related) but Mike Reuther motivated me to go even further.
Write the Darn Book moved me to begin my novel Just One More, which I am sad to admit was two years late and going nowhere. Now thanks to Mike I have started the manuscript and expect a finish date sometime in early 2013.
Could I have done it without Mike’s help? Probably But would I have? I seriously doubt it. Nothing can convince me that I would start again without his eloquent kick in the pants.
Mike shares his ups and many downs in his writing career and sheds light on some very important “truths” in the writing business. His book got me back into the game with my novel and provides critical information about agents and publishers.
If you suspect you have a book in you, buy this motivating manual.

– Sam Hendricks
Author, “Fantasy Football Guidebook”

If you’ve been dragging your feet about writing a book and need a “kick start” this book’s for you! It’s fluently written and enjoyable to read. Trust me,you can’t go wrong.

– Diane M. Keeler
Author, “Epilepsy Information: A Patient Friendly Resource for Seizures”

Write the Darn Book by Mike Reuther will inspire the novice writer to start and complete that book longing to be written. The basic message is, get the book started and don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in editing or in self doubt. The fundamental information about writing, agents, publishing, and marketing is right on the mark. All writers can identify with the highs and lows that go with the territory of becoming a published author.

– Valerie Allen
Author, “Write, Publish, Sell”

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