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Write_the_Darn_Book_Cover_for_KindleMike Reuther is the author of “Write the Darn Book” and two works of fiction, “Return to Dead City,” a baseball mystery, and “Nothing Down,” a novel about Homer Newbody, a rookie sensation who creates a stir in the baseball world when he makes it known he would gladly play for no money.

Write the Darn Book helps aspiring authors tap their creativity and pen that book they’ve
always dreamed of writing.

“Many people really want to write a book of some kind, but few ever
getting around to doing it,” he said. “Why? Too many of us set
ourselves up for failure by believing it’s difficult. But it doesn’t have to
be. The key is writing from one’s heart to allow for the free flow of words to
come pouring out.”

As far as Reuther, a longtime journalist and writer is concerned, anyone
can write a book, and in no time at all – even in a matter of weeks.

Write the Darn Book covers literary agents and the publishing world. Drawing from some of his
own experiences, the author reveals the mistakes to avoid in writing and trying
to get published. This book makes it clear that those with the desire to write
a book can make it happen. And the good news is, it’s quite simple.

He covers politics and business for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and

makes his home with his wife and children near Montgomery, Pa.

His books can be found at

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