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Writing a book

March 10, 2018

Why Do You Want to Write a Book?

 Why do you want to write a book? Do you dream of seeing your name emblazoned on the dust jackets of novels? Of seeing your book sitting in bookstores or flashing on Amazon’s pages?

Perhaps you have a dream of being interviewed by talk show hosts, of literary parties in Gotham where you rub shoulders with the likes of James Patterson or that Fifty Shades of Grey author.

Maybe you’ve loved to string words together since you were a kid. Perhaps a book you read many years ago fueled a desire of the written word and a need to write your own book. We all have different reasons, and perhaps some of the aforementioned ones, for wanting to be an author.

What about you?

Dreams are fine. Without dreams we merely slither through life like reptiles, looking for our next meals, just trying to survive. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to write, they must be accompanied by action.

Yes, it’s great to dream about the books we’ll write and the life we’ll have as writers. But it’s also necessary to do the writing. The good news is that it’s not that hard. Sit down before that computer or writing pad and letting the words fly is pretty easy once you get started.

The commitment to doing it may seem difficult. But you have to ask yourself this question: Do I really want to spend the future procrastinating, wondering if I’ll ever write that book? I didn’t think so.

Quit asking yourself that big question: Do I really want to write a book? I think you already know the answer. And you don’t have to search your heart too hard. The bigger question is: Am I willing to put in the time it takes to write that novel, that memoir, that cookbook, that book on local history I’ve long wanted to get down on paper?

Don’t wait for the muse to strike you. There is no muse. You are your own muse. Don’t tell yourself that now is not a good time to begin writing that book. I mean, when will it be a good time? This May? Next year? When your daughter finishes college in a few years?

You don’t have to spend eight hours a day writing. It’s not a job. It should never be a chore. Give yourself a couple of hours a day and write. Write fast and furious and you’ll have that first draft of a book in just a matter of weeks. The rest is gravy.






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