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December 9, 2014

I got to thinking how people get blocked trying to write and decided that if all else fails just go with the most random thought you have. Sometimes my wife will say, “It seems like a Saturday.” To which I respond, “Well, what does a Saturday seem like to you? Can you describe it?” She throws me an annoyed look as if to say, “That’s like trying to explain sex to a three-year-old.” Okay, point well taken. However, if you were to ask me to describe what a Saturday “seems like” I might say, “Chain saws buzzing in the distance, a lawnmower roaring in the neighorhood, morning cartoons, sunshine, my dad puttering around the garden, freshly mowed grass, the smell of a baseball glove, college football droning on the television, the smell of meat cooking on a grille.” There you go. Imagery from my childhood in small town Pennsylvania. It stays with you. Think there’s a story there somewhere? I think there are about two dozen – easy.


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