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Book marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming

January 30, 2014

Marketing your book or books can seem overwhelming. It can eat up so much time from your day that you may stop and wonder if you’ll ever have time to just write books again.

Maybe you’re going about this whole task of marketing with little notion of what you’re doing Perhaps your idea of getting your title in front of readers amounts to nothing more than blasting it on Facebook and Twitter. If so, it’s a good bet it’s not selling, at least as you’d hoped.

What to do?

The good news is there exist plenty of books out there that can help guide you through what may seem like an utterly time-consuming process.

Check them out. Most of them can be downloaded for just a few dollars on Amazon. You can even find some free books on marketing for writers. Many of them are pretty short too, books you can actually read in perhaps a couple of hours. That allows lots of time to follow up on some of the suggestions given.

The key is not to feel as if all the information you gather is just too much to digest. Take your time with applying some of the methods suggested. Try a few things here and a few things there. Take note of the more important strategies the author makes on book marketing.

Read a few different books on the subject. You’ll find the methods one author has successfully used to sell books are probably working for other authors as well. Hey, sometimes a message has to be repeated again and again before we get it.

Most authors want to make money from their books. Thankfully, there’s plenty of good solid information to be found on marketing. 


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