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Make 2014 the year you realize your writing dreams

January 1, 2014



Do you whine too much about not writing that book you’ve long dreamed of banging out? Are you stuck in first gear with marketing a book or books you’ve written?

Maybe you’re looking at the calendar right now and seeing Jan. 1 staring back at you. Yeah. It’s a new year all right, and you were determined throughout those days of November and December to make this year – 2014 – the time you would brush aside all that misery and rejection and most of all, fear, and get down to work to become that published author or successful writer you’ve long wanted to be.

So what ‘s stopping you from taking action? Are you willing to continue with the procrastination that had you spinning your wheels in 2013? Maybe you don’t like plans.  Many of us don’t. As writers, we like to think of ourselves as artists, people who wait for inspiration before we take on the perspiration needed to get a task done.

Okay. But here’s something you might try. Set aside a couple of hours a day to do your writing, your marketing, your research. And stick to it. Get in a rhythm. Make 2014 that year that launches your writing dreams.


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  1. Love this post! I’ve already written my first book, but I need to stay on top of getting the second one out there! 🙂

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