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Your book sucks … or does it?

August 19, 2013

So. Someone said your book sucks and you bought into it. You’ve spent the last few days picking up the pieces of what’s left of your ego. You’ve allowed a single person to sit as judge and jury of your talent, of all your hard work.
First of all, is the criticism legitimate? Chances are, it might be the result of some deep-seated loathing that person has against you. It could well be that the person firing off the shot at you is doing it out of self-defense. In other words, his work sucks. Maybe he’s never even written a book.
Remember, someone can only make you feel as bad as you allow them to make you feel. And what is one person’s opinion anyway? The fact is, there are books out there that suck, and yet they still get published and even praised by people.
If you truly like what you’ve written, stand by it. Sure, there might be some things wrong with it, but that’s when you go to work to improve those problems.
As the old saying goes: Opinions are like butt holes; everyone has one.



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