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Don’t just scream, write the book

May 22, 2013



What is it that drives you nuts?

What makes you want scream at or punch someone in the face?

Stay with me here. This is a writing blog. We don’t want anyone committing violent acts, shooting up towns.

My point is this: We all have things that drive us bonkers.

Maybe it’s right wing Republicans for some of you out there. Others may loathe liberals to the very depth of their souls.

You could be one of the those people who just can’t tolerate sloppiness or co-workers who don’t pull their share of the load. What is it your husband, wife, or significant other does that really gets on your nerves?

How about some of the stuff that really matters, like all the injustice in the world? The many people who go hungry every day. The war veterans who don’t get proper health care. The destruction of the environment.

Pick a topic and run with it. It just may be your next book.

Remember. Tapping the emotions, the very soul, can be like pricking a bubble that’s been waiting to burst. Go ahead and prick it. Let the writing pour out.

Anger can be a good starting point for a story. But so can hope, passion, sadness, and even fear.

Find your story. Run with it. You just may have a book.


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  1. I spend so much of my time on fiction writing that I don’t think about doing something like this. Now that I’ve read this, just the thought of letting my frustrations out on paper sounds so relieving! I’m sure the words would contain some true passion, too. 😀

  2. I know what you mean. You have a story in your head, and you go with it. You don’t stop to think if it ignites some incredible emotion. That said, passion, anger, angst, despair can all be used as starting points for stories.

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