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Write like you’re Willie Mays

May 6, 2013


Author Mike Reuther in front of the Willie Mays statue outside AT&T Park, San Francisco.

Today is the birthday of Willie Mays. He’s 82.

Willie was my hero as a kid. Sure, he was a great player. But the thing that really set him apart was the unbridled joy and zest with which he played baseball.

Even as a kid watching him on television, it was something I could see.

I bring up Willie because he represents exactly what we all should be in our chosen pursuits. Since this is a writing blog, I’m speaking to all you authors out there. Bring passion to your writing. Bang out those words like Willie knocked out hits at old Candlestick Park and the Polo Grounds.

Write like you’d rather do nothing else. Get the words down fast, as if you’re the Say Hey Kid dashing after a fly ball in the gap with your hat flying off.

You see, we can all be Willie as we take our places behind our computers and writing pads each and every day.

Have fun … like Willie had fun all those years he played baseball.

Happy Birthday Willie. May you live another eighty-two years.


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