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The top ten list of rules for writers

May 1, 2013



So you want to write a book huh? If you’re in it for the long haul, there are some simple rules to live by. I took the liberty of brainstorming some of my own. Take a look. Share ’em with your writing friends. Feel free to paste them to the wall above your writing area. 


The Top Ten rules to live by if you’re an author

1. Write fast and from the heart.

2. Write because you have something to say.

3. Don’t think when you write. (See number 1 if you don’t understand that).

4. Write even when you’re tired or don’t feel like it.

5. Try to write the same time every day. After all, good writing means getting in a rhythm.

6. Checking out Internet writing sites are fine, but don’t let them eat up your valuable time.

7. Don’t write to make big money. Some authors do (even bad ones), but they’re the exceptions.

8. Remember life isn’t fair.

9. Edit.

10. Keep writing.



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  1. I’m guessing #10 should be scattered about the list.

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