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I’m a writer, and I want to scream

April 30, 2013



One of the worst things about being a writer is the godawful frustration you find yourself up against with trying to draw attention to the words you’ve put out there before people.

I often write these blogs with the first-time author in mind, but I know there are also loads of you who’ve published one or two books as well.

You know the agony of marketing. You remember how hard it was just placing the fanny into the chair every day and writing. Then, you finished your first book, sent it out to the world hopeful as a young child on Christmas morning.

Alas, you made little if no money for all that hard work and time. You think of all the many things you’ve done in life that bore some type of fruit after so much labor. If it was a job there was at least a paycheck waiting for you.

I often compare the life of a writer to that of an aspiring politician. There’s just no guarantee after all that campaigning that you’ll actually win. In fact, second place brings you nothing.

Yes, it can be tough out there. So what keeps you going as a writer?

Ask yourself why you write. Look for little things every day to keep yourself going. Take pride in the fact that you’ve finished a book and stuck with this writing life as long as you have.

In the meantime, keep marketing your work. There’s plenty of ways to get noticed out there. Maybe you’ve tried all the usual methods – getting reviews from readers, going on blog tours, submitting to interviews, – and perhaps book sales have only trickled in.

Try something different. Be creative. Marketing can take a while to really take off, especially for unknown writers.

The point is, there was a reason you wanted to write books. Sure, if you’ve stuck with it this long perhaps you experience that crushing feeling of what seems to be the utter futility of being a writer.

Maybe you want to give up and concentrate your energies on something else. Then again, think how you’ll feel if you just give up. I mean, is that really an option?

I would love to hear from readers on this one.


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  1. I totally understand. It can be scary too…

  2. It can be very frustrating at times. You work hard and get nothing, so it gets very hard to find the urge to move on. Still, you worked hard on what you put out there and quitting feels like it would make all of that work a waste of time. Most authors don’t get attention until they have more than one book out there. I think of it this way. A single book out there can be seen as someone dabbling or jumping on the self-publishing bandwagon. Multiple books out there means this is someone who is taking their writing seriously and might be worth looking into.

  3. Giving up surely isn’t an option, is it? I feel I owe it to these characters I’ve created, – no, given birth to – to see their story to fruition. I can understand the need to scream and run away, but even if I don’t get published, even if I’m the only one who gets to read my work (shuddering at the thought but am trying to be strong here) I will finish this story. I have to finish. I think I may go crazy if I don’t!

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