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Images can be powerful tools for writing a book

April 17, 2013



When you write from the heart, you dig deep into your soul to bring up things that matter to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean the big issues of life – sickness, death, war, poverty. Writing from the heart doesn’t have to be about anything that makes you cry or become angry.

Don’t get me wrong. The serious issues of life are certainly worth writing about. Maybe you’ve been a victim and are hell-bent on getting the word out about your victimization as a means of helping others avoid such an experience. Maybe you want to change the world with your writing, be a reformer. Great. Go for it.

But what about so many of you out there? You don’t have any real message, be it political, social or religious to convey. You simply want to write. Stories are swirling around in your head, and you’d love to pen a novel, or maybe just a short story or poem.

What about the soft rain of a mid-August day falling on the back deck of your home? How does that make you feel? Remember that hike you took through the woods the other day, and those deer that fled across your path as you came through that meadow with all the spring flowers?

Take those feelings and run with them. Perhaps they conjure up memories, emotions from another time. There’s no telling what an image can mean.

Maybe a walk you take this afternoon will become memorable, if for no other reason than you spot some small child licking a lollipop. Perhaps it conjures up thoughts of your own childhood when you were carefree and happy, and you couldn’t wait for the final school bell to ring so you could flee the place and head for the corner candy store. Remember how you felt then?

Images. Memories. Borrow them from your life, from the storehouse of your brain. Reach into your soul and write a story. Take the sights, the sounds, the aromas of what’s going on in your brain and go crazy. You just may have a story. Even a book.


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