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Authors can learn an important lesson from Forest Gump

April 5, 2013



If you’ve ever seen the movie, Forest Gump, you likely recall the scene where Forest begins to run for no other reason than he just feels like it.

He ends running around the great swath of the USA. He gathers followers along the way, and after a couple of years when he finally has had enough, he goes back home.

Have you ever thought about just sitting down and letting it fly with a book? Perhaps there’s something inside you dying to get out, and you’d love to just do a Forest Gump and start running with it?

Well … why not do it? Why not start running with those thoughts that have been permeating inside your head, deep in your soul, for so very long?

Don’t plan and outline and organize in your head how the story will go. Just write it. See what happens. You might find a pretty cool story come tumbling out. Try it for one day if nothing else – for a couple of hours.

If you’ve been stuck on trying to write a book for so long, and it’s just about killing you, what have you got to lose? And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have the beginnings of a great book, one that will gather followers in the way of readers.

Stranger things have happened.

“Run Forest Run.”


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