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Sailing rough water is part of becoming a writer

April 3, 2013



You never really have life figured out. Oh, you may reach a certain age and conclude you’ve been through a lot of life experiences, and now it’s time to really live, to enjoy life. Perhaps you’ve endured a lot of crap and you’re certain you’ve finally reached a point where things will get better. Nothing can beat you down now.

Of course, we know how that goes: Something else comes up and you’re back to paddling that sinking ship like crazy to reach shore again.

It’s kind of like that with writing. You’ll finally get that first book under way, or perhaps finish it and get it published, and you think, “Wow. I’m on way. It’s smooth sailing from now on.” But alas, there’s always rough seas. If you want it bad enough, you move ahead and you grow. You become that better writer.
One thing is for sure: You’ll never actually become a writer if you don’t take that first step of sitting down and just banging out that book. Don’t over-think the process. Don’t spend months or even years planning out your story.

Sit your fanny in the chair and let the words flow. Trust your instincts. Write the book that’s been churning in you for so long. Do it with passion. The story will follow.

Sure, you’re going to have plenty of doubts as a writer, but if you write fast and from the heart, the seas can be a lot less treacherous over this long voyage we call a writing life.


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  1. Perfect advice. I think the rough water analogy is great for writing. Personally, I think I’m steering a dinghy through a raging river half the time. I wish I could get a large ship like in the picture.

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