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Do you have the passion for writing that book?

March 31, 2013



Included among the stories on CBS Sunday Morning today was a profile of a kid – I think he might have been all of 10 years old.

His passion is dinosaurs. And it’s quite a love affair. He’s been on an archaeological dig or two. Sometimes, he dredges up the back yard of his home looking for bones. He even wrote a book about dinosaurs. And, he told the interviewer, he’s working on a second book.

Okay. Some of you may be rolling your eyes out there. But stay with me here. Admittedly, his book was no lengthy treatise on dinosaurs. It indeed looked like a kid’s book. Still, he wrote a book – this little kid.

One of his goals is apparently to work in this particular museum where those giant creatures that roamed the Earth billions of years ago are included among the exhibits. He even managed to get an interview with the museum officials. He told them quite simply he has a passion for dinosaurs. So they decided to make him an honorary curator for a day. He even got to make a speech.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

This is a kid who’s following a dream. He’s pursuing exactly what he wants to do in life. Of course, he’s far too young right now to make any kind of a living out of his passion, but I have a pretty strong feeling he’s going to end up doing some kind of work related to dinosaurs – archaeologist, historian, curator. He may even become a writer.

You’re never too young or too old to follow your passion. If it’s writing that book, what’s holding you back? Lack of time? Commitment? If the passion is there, you can find a way to make it happen.   



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  1. I think for a lot of adults, it’s ‘safer’ to stay in the planning stage. There’s that fear of rocking the boat and taking a risk that doesn’t pan out. Oddly enough, writing is seen as an amazing risk with very few people making it, so you’re bound to have more naysayers than support. Truthfully, I think all adults could benefit from taking this kid’s approach of chasing the dream with the unflappable belief that it’ll happen. Confidence and determination are two of the strongest weapons that an aspiring author has in his or her emotional arsenal.

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