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Attention authors: If you really want to write a book just be yourself

March 26, 2013



Be yourself.

How many times have you heard that advice? Quite a few times, I’m sure.
When you think about it, it’s pretty good advice. But what does it really mean? Not trying to imitate someone else?

Well, sure.

It’s really about tapping into the amazing you. That’s not so hard when you think about it, and it can lead to some pretty wonderful results. Coaches tell their players: Play your game, or stay within yourself. It’s the same thing with any activity, endeavor or discipline.

When you stay true to yourself, you draw from your strengths, not from those of someone else. It’s a pretty good route to take when you’re writing a book.

The book you write should be reflective of you – not someone else. And you should write your book naturally, not by trying to copy someone else’s style or trying to show off with big words you know.

When you write fast and from the heart, you’ll write naturally. The words will flow in a seamless parade across the page. You’ll like what you write because it will come off so effortlessly.

Too many writers and aspiring authors have this crazy idea that they have to struggle and sweat and suffer for their art. And I suppose, there always will be those writers who emerge from the ruins of some life to produce the next great American novel.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what background you come from. You may have lead the most interesting life of any creature who walked the Earth; you may have the most humdrum life of anyone.

Never mind. Be yourself. Write your book. Tap into the inner you and find your voice. Remember, it’s a unique voice. No one else is you. You have something important to say, but you have to believe that you do.

Now get writing that book. Today.


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