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Writing a book means fueling your words with passion

March 21, 2013



Do you ever read letters to the editor? That section of the newspaper where readers express some of their deepest concerns and passions can be the best part of the daily newspaper reading experience. Many people turn to the letters before they read anything else in the newspaper. And for good reason.

The best letters are those written from the heart. They can very provocative. After all, people write letters to the editor when they feel quite strongly about something.

A lot of the letters are angry. People are mad about a lot of things – Republicans, Democrats, the widespread joblessness, the state of education – you name it. But some letters are upbeat. People write to let the public know there are things to be thankful for, like that wonderful organization that raised money for the cancer-stricken child.

Some of the letters can move us to tears; others can make us want to fling shoes at the kitchen wall. When you write about something you care about, it’s likely a few others will find it worth reading.

There are some really good blogs out there. Many of them are written by people who are unafraid to reveal their passions or anger or frustrations about something. Blogs and letters to the editor can be windows into the emotions of the writers.

Think of subjects that move you. The issues, the topics that stir you can be a good starting point for books. And when you sit down to write that book, let the writing come naturally, as if you’re composing a letter or email to someone. Don’t get hung up on grammar and spelling and thoughts that what you put down on paper won’t sound intelligent enough. You can always edit later anyway.

Heart-felt words are powerful. They best convey the message you want to get across. Don’t write as if you’re unsure. Otherwise, the writing will sound unsure, weak.

Write fast and furious. Be bold. Let it all hang out.


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  1. Very true. Also if you’re not good at being able to get a point across or a certain view over in conversation, writing on the page allows you to formulate it much clearer.

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