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Get mad, get infuriated, then write the book.

March 15, 2013



I believe that some of the best books out there are those written with passion, and I try to convey that message to aspiring authors. It only makes sense to tap into those issues that move you.

But it doesn’t mean just writing about things you love – like fly-fishing cool running trout streams on fine May days, or the soft feel of your baby’s cheek against your own. Hey. There’s nothing at all wrong writing about things that touch you in very happy ways. If the passion is there – go for it.

But how about things that anger you? Don’t you think that’s a great way to start a book? Think about it. Something out there makes you want to scream at the sky or worse. There has to be. God knows there’s plenty of injustice in the world. Look at the Middle East, the mess in Washington, the jobs situation. Just turn on the TV every day, and you can find a holocaust of bad news. And there’s plenty of blame to go around.

But how about closer to home? I’m sure you can find things right in your neighborhood that drive you bonkers. Look at the subject of bullying. That goes on everywhere, all the time – on your kid’s school bus or in the classrooms, even in workplaces. Maybe bullying is something that just drives you crazy. Maybe it’s affected your life in profound ways. You might have a story there.

What about your local government? How badly are things being run down there at good old city hall? Are the potholes getting fixed? Is the police department failing to root out crime? Who’s on the take?

Or how about this? Your best friend’s husband is playing around on her and you feel like killing the guy. I mean, how can Ken be such an asshole to Marissa, a sweet girl who deserves so much better in life? Hey. You could have a story.

All these examples have one thing in common – they have their root in anger. Write a novel or a nonfiction book on one of these topics. Use your imagination. Do some brainstorming. You might be surprised what you come up with.

Who knows where the beginnings to such stories might take you? You could find yourself creating some wonderful characters. Perhaps you sprinkle in some humor and intricate plot twists. The choice is up to you.

Get writing folks. There’s a million topics to write about and a millions places your writing can go. Remember, it’s a journey – and an exciting and fun one.


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  1. HAHA, here in Lebanon at every corner there is a story! I have millions of stories to write and tell about!!!

  2. I find that I write better if I am upset or a little depressed about something or someone. The words flow then.

    • That’s often the way it works. Have you ever written a nasty letter to someone? It’s not at all hard to find the right words.

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