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It’s nice to have someone to talk to when you’re writing a book

March 11, 2013



Do you have a mentor? If you’re trying to become an author, it’s not a bad idea to have one.

What is a mentor? To me, it’s someone who can help guide you and be there for you through this journey of writing.

If you’re writing a book for the first time or contemplating doing so, it’s pretty cool to have someone in your corner, someone who has written a book or two.

Let’s face it. Writing can be a lonely endeavor. There are a lot of unknowns out there for those of us tackling the prospect of writing a book for the first time. It’s nice to have someone not only rooting for you, but assuring you that some of those problems, those doubts you encounter, are nothing out of the ordinary.

No one says you have to have a mentor, and of course, it’s not likely you’ll find one just by walking out your front door tomorrow.

Think of someone who might serve as a mentor. Perhaps you’ve joined a writing group and know someone who’s been down the road of writing a book, a trusted soul who is willing to offer advice and counsel to you.

Think of how you got started wanting to write a book. Was there someone who inspired you? Maybe a teacher? Don’t just select anyone. Take your time. Look around. You might find someone on the Internet. Lots of people have written books.

No one says you have to have a mentor. Perhaps you have a loving spouse, a friend who is right there in your corner. Of course, having someone who not only has your best interests at heart, but who’s also “been there and done that” can make all the difference.

Too many of us write in a vacuum. We don’t want others to know we’re out there scribbling away at our novels and other projects. I know in my own case, I was a secretive writer for far too many years. Save my wife and a trusted friend or two, no one knew I was writing books in my spare time. Looking back, I think a good mentor might have saved me a few headaches and taken a few miles off my long road to getting published.

If you find a prospective mentor, tell this person your hopes, your dreams of being an author. Offer to buy him or her coffee or lunch. Let it be known that you’d like to shoot the breeze about writing. It’s a good bet this person will be more than happy to talk to you.


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  1. That’s good advice. I need to find me one ASAP!

  2. katya1013 permalink

    I’m still looking, but in the meantime I find it helpful to read blogs by other writers or agents — it may not be a dialogue or a student/mentor relationship, but it still helps because it reminds me I’m not alone in this.

  3. I have someone to bounce ideas off of but they are not slways available. Maybe I need someone new!

  4. Reblogged this on princesschrissy05's Blog and commented:
    Thank god I have my two best friends!

  5. I am always happy to read your advice, it has a way of making me realize I’m not all that different from others who are writing out there. I have been a closet writer for a very long time and only recently started to share. It would all still be hidden away if I hadn’t found a like minded individual that gave me confidence. He’s not a writer but he is highly creative and that has helped me.

    • Good for you. Many of us are afraid to share our writing. It’s kind of funny too, because when you think about it, a lot of us became writers in the first place because we were very shy people.

  6. Might I just say that after finding Its nice to have someone to
    talk to when youre writing a book | becomeanauthor on CMS Made Simple, what a relief to find somebody who ultimately knows what they’re talking about when it comes to this. You truly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it worthwhile. A lot more people should really have a look at this and understand this side of the story. I can’t believe you’re not more popular, because you most certainly possess the gift.

    • Thanks for the kind words. You made my day. I hope to publish my second book on writing later this year. My first book on writing, “Write the Darn Book” is available through Amazon. Just a little self-promotion there.

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