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Get into the rhythm, the flow of writing a book

March 9, 2013



Did you write today?
If not, are you beating yourself up over it?
If you answered yes to the first question – congratulations.
If you answered yes to the second question – don’t beat yourself up. It hurts.
Just get right back your writing tomorrow and the day after. Keep the rhythm, the flow of words going.
Writing, you see, should be like turning on a faucet and letting the water pour in a torrent. And the more you do it, the better it will go.
Of course, you can overdue it too. Sure, there are writers out there who write eight hours a day non-stop, but I think there’s a better way.
How about 90 minutes or two hours a day, five or six times a week? You get yourself into a pretty good daily writing habit that way. No burn out.
Take a day off every week, but no more than two. Keep at it and write fast. It’s the best way.
And remember: Never beat yourself up over a lost writing day. That day is gone forever. Just get back at it the next day.


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  1. Breaks are healthy.

    • They sure as hell are.

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  2. My, Fellow readers.

    A story is, what if will get live happily ever after, and there had kids. Life as a sense of irony because their kids find themselves in a predicament that as Romeo and Juliet had when they were

    Unfortunately I lost the first page of the story so you as the reader have the already know that Romeo and Juliet have gotten together Romeo comes from a wealthy family and Juliet’s family colorful full of gypsies now that you all caught up limit continue on the story I’ll and PS this is Romeo speaking.

    My father sent me down at the table that we normally would play chess set. He stared into my eyes I was seriousness he looked into my face and said this, what am what I’m about to tell you a very important site I’ve made arrangements for you to marry someone wherein debt we all money to everyone our friends the RS even the mob. The men that discovered a way to learn while you’re sleeping, he found away excused the brain. So that you could take in subliminal messaging learns book full of information. The billionaire Dave Alexander has agreed to pay all our debts if you marry his daughter Elizabeth he is desperate and wanting a grandson so that he has someone the past town is likely to I know that you carefully do you I can see a neuron’s but ask yourself this is that woman worth your family survival immediately I bolted out of the room so scared and frightened at the same time.

    I was stuck between the love of my life Juliet and the survival of my family. I had to see here if she really cared for me the way I cared for her I call Juliet I told her to meet me up the beach when I met her at the beach she was wearing a black short dress that made her ass looks so big you could see it from the front, and this sexy white blouse that showcased her breasts as the moon late with flexing bounce off her chest. we hugged and as I look beautiful she looked, it was look at (mermaid). I knew then that Juliet was the only woman that I would ever love. After I is done staring at her, told her I loved her for the first time that I love and then I asked her a she would run away with me. I spoke with a deep voice like my father does when he wants something done. I grabbed her by the hand and looked into her beautiful green eyes and I told her that my father a wants me to marry this woman named Elizabeth and if I don’t he said the IRS will take everything we own and the mob will come after us.

    Juliet started kissing me with her luscious lips and said yes. I will run away with you I am tired of moving from place to place having to perform day in and day out. I hate the feeling of men watching every move, especially when I have to push in my mouth. I almost lost the feeling of my tongue. The last show we had. I wanted a better life than the one. I already have, I want to live from surrounded by love, kids and a fucking in place to call my own. It was at that moment that Juliet smiled and said, we live in an interest times, life isn’t promised to anyone accidents happen all the time especially people in my family. (WHAT) are you talking about Juliet! I’m saying that my mother and dad have of life insurance policy I don’t know how much it’s worth but I know it’s enough come to the show tomorrow will be to die for, she said as she chuckled. I stared into her beautiful green eyes and said I love you and because her face will confuse on face as she didn’t know how respond, I put my finger over her mouth and said don’t ruin it.

    It was finally here the night of Julia’s performance. I had everything I needed to leave town the only thing left to do was to say goodbye to my mother. I walked into her room she was reading a book by James Patterson, her favorite author. She put the book down and motioned to me to sit next her. How are you my darling? What’s on your mind, nothing mom I haven’t seen a look on your face as you were five. Father told me about our money problems mother what money problems she yelled. He told me that we owe everyone are friends the IRS and even the mob. We are fine Romeo, I promise you a matter-of-fact we are better fine people all us money. Than why does he want me to marry some the daughter of Mr. Alexander. The answer to that is simple your father what you want to use you for doing advance’s career your father is a greedy son of a bitch. Tell me about this girl what girl I said with a shock on my face. This girl that your father doesn’t want you to see Juliet her name and, and I love her mama why do you love her, my mother ask. She makes me happy but she is poor and father hates that about her!

    Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls people of all ages this is page 1 of the many pages that will become. So I want yourself what is Juliet plan. Romeo does run away. Why is his father really trying to pimp out his son these questions may get answer or they may not, would tune in and find out this is

    Yours truly Popcorn

    Mr. what If

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