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Don’t bang your head against that wall; write a book

March 1, 2013



So, it’s March 1, the month when winter begins to lose its death grip here in the Northeast and many other parts of the U.S. as well. It’s time for hope, optimism, new beginnings.

Perhaps you made one of those New Year’s resolutions, say about last November, that 2013 would be the time you’d finally write that book you’ve always wanted to give birth to. Maybe you’ve stuck to your guns and banged out a book or have at least started one. If so, congratulations.  Pat yourself on the back. Buy yourself a drink. You deserve it. Spring is looking pretty good to you about now.

As for the rest of you who made that same resolution but failed miserably in starting that novel or other book you’ve long wanted to write … shame on you. You probably feel horrible. So go ahead and beat yourself up a little. Call yourself a few bad names. Hand someone a pillow and have that person hit you over the head a few times with it. Beat your head against a wall. Feel better? Good. That’s enough of the self-mutilation. There’s no sense in beating yourself up too much. Besides, you need to stay healthy and write that book.

After all, it’s a great time to write a book. You don’t need to wait until the calendar turns for another year to begin. The point is, if you’ve long wanted to write a book, the best time is now. Get yourself primed, psyched and start writing.

Don’t get hung up on how the project will turn out. No writer really knows what the end product will be. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back – one of the biggest excuses people find for not writing a book.  You might surprise yourself. But that’s a good thing. The writing journey is full of surprises, the unknown.

Are you afraid you haven’t sufficiently outlined the book? Perhaps you don’t think you know your characters well enough just yet. Or, maybe you just don’t know where to begin this story that’s been swirling around your head for God knows how long. C’mon. Quit procrastinating. Trust your instincts. Write … as fast as your fingers can race across that keyboard. Soon, you’ll have the first draft of a book. Think how that will make you feel.  



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  1. True. “Besides, you need to stay healthy and write that book.”

  2. fear and uncertainties have a way of weaseling into your heart and breed doubt. I appreciate that kick in the pants to keep going 🙂

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