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Writing a book and one writer’s ideas of how to do it

February 17, 2013



It’s gratifying to have people read and follow my blogs on writing books. But the best thing about scribbling down my thoughts concerning this very interesting topic is that I may be helping a few of you out there contemplating a novel or some other piece of writing. I’m sure I’ve touched one or two of you as well who are up against frustration. You’ve tried writing a book or are in the midst of writing one and are considering  just chucking it all and taking up, say, wine tasting.

And that’s fine. If you’re not passionate about writing you shouldn’t do it. But if you’re reading my blogs on writing, there’s a pretty good chance you’re jazzed about becoming an author or are already well on your way to being one.

You may not agree with everything in these posts, of course. Anyone who is familiar with my blogs knows I’m a champion of writing fast and from the heart. I pound on this theme quite a bit. I try to bring this point home in different ways, including drawing on experiences from my own writing life. You may not totally agree with everything I say. Nevertheless, these blogs share stuff about how I’ve decided to write after years of stumbling around, often like a blind man with one leg.

In truth, writing fast is not the only way to get out the first draft of a book. There have been plenty of people who have written books in the stop and start method – writing and editing their work as they go along.   

The world is full of opinions and beliefs on every topic out there. Writing a book is no different. Diverse thought is what makes the world go around. That said, I think I’ve hit on a pretty good way of writing a book. As a matter of fact, I think it’s the best way. I know it’s the best way for me – and plenty of others.

Thanks for reading my posts. I hope I’ve at least given you food for thought.



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  1. Another good, helpful article. I like to get the story down in draft first of all, then go back and fill in the gaps, edit etc. I have another problem to sort out today though. I made some alterations to my recent ebook, and now it is uploaded again it has gone all out of line. I feel bad that some people have bought it in the state it is in. I despair sometimes.

  2. I’ve just recently joined and will be reading your blog posts and taking notes! x

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