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Write a book that you want to write

February 11, 2013

What are you reading right now? What books do you read on a regular basis? Do you enjoy mysteries? Biographies? Romance novels? Whatever your likes or reading habits, if you’re an aspiring author, you might want to tap them for your own book.

It only makes sense to pursue your passions. There’s an old saying that you should write what you know. Well, how about writing what you want? Think about it. When you do something you enjoy, the task becomes that much easier. And when it’s easier, the job doesn’t feel like a job. It becomes fun. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if this principle is applied to writing that the work will shine?

Plenty of people want to write a book, but they have little idea where to start. Well, how about starting with what you want to write about. Don’t try to imitate others. Follow your own heart, not someone else’s. 

What am I trying to say? I think it’s pretty clear. Writing a book means pleasing yourself first. Oh sure, you want readers to be interested in what you’re writing, but doesn’t it stand to reason that if you don’t have much passion for what you have to say, others won’t give a crap either?

Remember the writing assignments from junior high when you were tasked with coming up with reports on subjects that bored you to tears? You probably hated those assignments. Am I right? Maybe there’s a poll out there somewhere that has tracked why people hate to write, and perhaps it links it to those Godawful assignments so many of us were forced to do in school. But I digress.

My point is, writing a book doesn’t come down to assignments from teachers and all the restrictions that accompany them. Thank your lucky stars for that.

When you write a book, you’re the captain of your own ship. That means steering your own course. it can be either smooth sailing or rough seas. What’s your choice?



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