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Passion is the key to writing the book you’re meant to write

February 6, 2013



What is your passion? What do you love? Perhaps it’s horses or exercise or gourmet cooking. Maybe it’s the city of Paris or fishing for trout. It could well be that year you spent hiking the Rocky Mountains is the book just waiting to happen. No matter what it is, if you’re a writer or an aspiring writer, are you taking that passion and putting it to paper?

If not, why not?

Long ago I decided to take my passion for baseball and turn it into stories. I had long loved watching, playing and following the game. I had read tons of books about baseball, knew its history, its players. I was even a bit of a statistics geek about the game. And yet, my first two novels had nothing to do with baseball. I had notions of becoming the next big author, a voice for my generation. Big dreams? Sure.  At any rate, I avoided writing about baseball. I don’t think it was a coincidence that those first two books went unpublished.

Still, when I decided to go ahead and write about baseball, I was more than a little apprehensive. Baseball books didn’t exactly flood the market. I wondered if writing full-length baseball novels was such a good idea. I already had one strike against me in deciding to write fiction, which has long played second fiddle to nonfiction in the book market. Eventually, I concluded that it didn’t matter if I sold a lot of books or became a best-selling author. I needed to follow my interests, my passions.

Far too many writers spend far too much time wondering: Will anyone ever read my book? And so, like many people in so many walks of life, we compromise. We don’t write about what the hell we want to write about, refuse to take the road less taken. We become like politicians, testing the winds and following these gales, hoping they sweep us to the promised land.

We see that market for vampires or zombies, or whatever may be the latest fad out there, and pursue that market. Never mind that we have not the slightest interest, or perhaps only a passing interest in zombies or vampires. Going for the gold means following your passion. Do that and the writing will come that much easier. The words will flow.  

Follow your heart. It’s the only way to go about this whole business of writing a book. If you’re in for the long haul, you’ll need that fuel every day to keep the flame burning, and what better way than to write about those subjects that ignite you.

What’s your passion? I think you know.



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  1. Great article – Follow your heart? I agree it is the only way.

  2. what a beautiful post, just what I needed after the post
    I just published…..
    I always wanted to write a book, but never knew how to begin, what my passion really is.
    Now, after my son died in May 2012, all I can think about is his death and what it did to our lives. This is what I want to write about, to get it from my chest, out of my system, I just have to tell,because this is all I am thinking about day and night, and of course to help other people who also walk in the same shoes, I want to tell my story to help others….

    • I think that is a great idea. Just let it all out when you write it too. Good luck.

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