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Writing a book, becoming an author is like wading into a river

January 22, 2013

When you start on this journey known as becoming an author, you may well be like many would-be writers – very slowly wading into a fast moving river. You look out and see those rapids, the white caps and frothy water that looks so inviting, yet dangerous on a hot summer afternoon. Perhaps you see people navigating the water in rafts or kayaks. You want to join the party, but you’ve never tried to float a river like this.

Where do you start? Should you start? The naysayers will tell you not to bother, or at least, to hold on to that day job. Writing is something you can do in spare moments on the weekend. 

So you wade into this whole prospect of writing very slowly. Why put yourself out there, subject yourself to any risks? You dabble a bit with some writing – late at night or early in the morning when no one can bother you. Perhaps this goes on for a number of years. A few short stories are written, perhaps somechapters or so of a novel. You don’t show your works to anyone. No. That would be really putting yourself out there.

You think about joining a writers group, but hold off. No. Your stuff isn’t good enough to show anyone. A few more years go by, and the writing bug is still tugging out you. God. Is it ever. Yes, you’d really like to be a writer, but what’s the next step? You pull out some of your stories, that novel that’s practically finished. Hey, it’s not bad. But will anyone else think so? 

Such is the life of many writers, refusing to go into deeper waters, to put themselves out there, to join the people on that river, the fast-moving stream that can lead to something, somewhere. 

Writing and publishing means putting yourself out there. What about you? Are you just slowly wading into those waters, or are you ready to join the party?




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  1. ghazali134 permalink

    You just wrote exactly how i feel. There is this story that is stuck in my head for quite some time. I have named my characters. Imagined how the settings would be.I can even hear what actually the characters would say to each other. But when I pen it down, it sounds awful. Like as if it ain’t natural. Read it after some time, still feel that it sounds a little flawed.

  2. Great Analogy! Describes the hesitation perfectly 🙂 I am in the deep water, but not swimming yet…

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