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Being a writer, writing a book takes desire plus action

January 15, 2013

You may not think you’re good enough to be a writer, or it’s not in your stars. You may think you have to put in some prerequisite amount of time and sweat to be a writer, to fall down and fail many times over before it’s your time to have a book published.
Maybe you think that you aren’t smart enough to be a writer, that you need a college education or even an Ivy League degree to be a writer, to see your name emblazoned on dust jackets of books.
It’s easy to get caught up in those thoughts, those beliefs, those misconceptions that only a chosen few are writers. Writers aren’t born. Anyone can be a writer – at least anyone who really wants to be a writer.
Yes. It can mean putting yourself out there, taking a chance, putting in the time. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.
Think about it. You have an idea, a piece of paper and pen and you let the words fly off your fingertips. You write from the heart. You write fast. You write like there’s no tomorrow.
It sounds easy, and it is. The hard part is going back to that piece of paper or computer every day and letting it rip.
Don’t get caught up in second thoughts, of the feelings that you can’t do it. You can do it. The real question is: Do you want to write – a novel, a biography, a revealing memoir of your innermost thoughts.
What are you doing with your time these days? If you want to write, just do it. There’s something you probably have dreamed about writing for a long time. What’s stopping you?





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  1. I think I don’t know where to start when the book is finished.

    • You mean with editing? After a first draft, just read through your book and look for things. Write things down you want to change. Work on one thing at a time, say grammar and word usage during a first edit and story structure in a successive edit.

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