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The road to become an author means writing a book fast

January 9, 2013

Writing a book is all about stringing words together and doing it fast. And I mean putting words to paper furiously, as if possessed. Don’t stop and think and ponder about how to go about writing the book. Letting it all flow, like your running with the wind behind your back without a care in the world. We’re talking about a first draft here, of course. There’s always time for editing the book later. Revision simply isn’t part of that initial crazy sprint of a first draft. And yet, how many people, those writing their first book, will go about it all wrong – stopping, starting, pondering, scratching their beans for the right word, perhaps looking to insert some scene that came to them at 4 a.m. 

Writing the first draft means getting it all out there. This is nothing new. Jack Kerouac knocked off his epic “On the Road” in a quick burst of imagination. He scribbled the story out on teletype paper in a mad dash. Other writers have used this same stream of consciousness method to bang out books.

The late great Ray Bradbury, a prolific writer of science fiction and other stories, was a champion of this method of writing

How do you write letters, blogs, notes to friends? Do you take an entire afternoon or evening to write them? Or, do you knock them off in a few minutes. If it’s the latter, I’ll bet you that they are some of your best creations. 

Don’t think. Just write. You know, you really can write a book in just a few weeks. Think of the time you save. Think how great it can be to have something in your hands after just a few weeks, like a piece of clay that you can then begin molding and shaping into a finished product. It’s the only way to write a book. Don’t you think?

If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot. I promise you it can be the key to writing that book you always wanted to write.


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  1. First drafts are always hard for me. It’s so important to learn to just make yourself write and stop self-editing constantly. Nice post.

    • Don’t edit at all in the first draft. Sit down and just let those words fly. In upcoming blogs I’ll talk about brainstorming for stories and coming up with ideas. Thanks for the feedback.

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