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Getting published is the goal

January 6, 2013

As a writer, comparing yourself to the competition is like death.
I can remember my own frustrating early years when I tried to bang out novels
It seemed I was forever coming across stories of other writers, my age, or even younger, who were already taking the New York literary community by storm. Oh, how I wanted to catch the attention of a publisher, as had Brett Easton Ellis and Jay McInerney.
Bright Lights, Big City you were so elusive.
So there I was, still unpublished, worried about what others were doing.
When would my day come? Would I ever become a published writer? I was making myself crazy.
It’s easy to look at the competition with envy. To watch others succeed and wonder: What’s the point? After all, for most of you out there, getting published is the goal.
The trick, of course, is to keep writing. To write what’s in your heart and not worry about the competition, or what you perceive to be the competition. You see, writing should not be a competition. It’s a journey and putting words to paper.
Keep at it and keep heart.


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