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Don’t let those writing, publishing dreams die

January 3, 2013

When he began his first novel he told himself his time limit to get published, to see his name emblazoned on the dust cover of a book, was ten years. That was the goal. It seemed a long time, but he knew a writer had to pay his dues. A decade and several novels  later, he was still unpublished, save for that single short story that appeared in an obscure literary review.

He kept writing. More years flew by. For a time he even stopped writing altogether. After all, who needed the rejection and the aggravation? Suddenly, it was the age of print on demand and epublishing. The writing bug returned. He took out from the drawer some of those unpublished manuscripts, looked them over, tinkered a bit with them. He decided okay, I’ll publish them as ebooks.

He never gave up writing – the dream. He couldn’t. It refused to die, despite hundreds of rejections from literary agents over the years, less than encouraging words from friends, and of course, his own doubts that he’d ever get published, and be a real writer.

That person was me. For many years, I was the dejected author, unpublished and ready to give up. But I didn’t. I kept plugging away. Now, I have three books out there both in print and as ebooks, and several others I plan to get published over the next year or so.

Do you have a dream? Are you willing to stick with it?Image


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  1. You are an inspiration, you know, for any amateur….. I’m trying too…

    • Just get those words down fast and keep going.

      • I do that, and I have the determination to write and enjoy what I do, but I tend to skip from one idea to the next, easily bored by the current idea. How do I keep with one without getting bored with it? It’s a bad thing, right?

      • What the heck. As writers, everyone has a zillion ideas going through his or her head. Pick a project, a time of day to do it, and let it rip. Do this five, six times a week, and you’ll have the first draft of a book in no time at all. The other ideas are out still there. If you’re afraid they’ll fly away, write them down on cards and file them away for another time.

  2. Very important words to remember. Thanks for the reminder and motivation to keep going forward!

    • Certainly. Look at it this way. Writing is lot easier than many things in life we avoid – exercise, yard work, getting up in the morning. Hell, it’s cake when you get right down to it.

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