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Write the Darn Book helps writers

January 1, 2013

Ok I have written quite a few books over the years (nine in fact, many of them fantasy sports related) but Mike Reuther motivated me to go even further.
Write the Darn Book moved me to begin my novel Just One More, which I am sad to admit was two years late and going nowhere. Now thanks to Mike I have started the manuscript and expect a finish date sometime in early 2013.

– Sam Hendricks, “Fantasy Football Guidebook” author

An upbeat, enthusiastic book about a fast method of writing. This method utilizes a free flow of thought that is easy to read, quite like listening to someone tell a good story.

– LaVaughn Kemow, Amazon Reviewer

Write the Darn Book by Mike Reuther will inspire the novice writer to start and complete that book longing to be written. The basic message is, get the book started and don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in editing or in self doubt.

– Valerie Allen, author of “Write, Publish, Sell! Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for the Marketing Challenged”

If you’ve been dragging your feet about writing a book and need a “kick start” this book’s for you! It’s fluently written and enjoyable to read. Trust me,you can’t go wrong.

– Diane Keeler, author of “A Patient Friendly Resource for Epilepsy and other Seizure Disorders”


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