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December 21, 2012

I once ran into a man at a writers conference. This was a number of years ago when I was trying desperately to get published, before the world of ebooks and print-on-demand publishing wasn’t throwing up challenges to traditional publishing. Some of us were lamenting the fact that we couldn’t break into that seemingly impenetrable world and see our precious words in print. The man just smiled and said, “When I turn on my computer and start writing I’m just having so much fun … If I get published fine. But I’m not worried about it.” I’ve always tried to remember that. You should have fun writing. It’s that passion that will translate to a good book, whatever it is you write. Don’t worry about publishing? Well … of course, you really don’t have to beat your head against a wall anymore and scream at the unforgiving forces that are preventing you from being an author, from reaching that goal. As mentioned, with ebooks and print-on-demand, it’s easier than ever to be published. Have fImageun. Rock on. 


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