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Book reviews

December 15, 2012

Say you’re an author and you have your book or books in the wide world of cyberspace for people to check out on Amazon or Barnes Noble or Smashwords. In fact, your wonderful novels or nonfiction works have been out there for quite a while, but sales have only trickled in. Hell, you’ve made only enough money on all your books for a night on the town. One of the quick ways to get your books noticed is to solicit reviews. Check out Amazon or Goodreads or some of the other sites that review books and contact some of these readers. You’ll find a lot of folks, and I mean a lot, are eager to review books. I found numerous folks on Amazon that way. But find the right reviewers, those who read books like your own. Don’t expect everyone you contact to review your book, however. Most will likely reject you. But if you contact enough people, the reviews will start coming in. Image


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  1. Hi, how do you find the right reviewers? I would be interested to know being a new writer myself

    • I get on Amazon and look for books similar to the ones I’ve written. Say you’ve written a book on gardening. Let’s say an author, his name is Jeremey Green Thumb, has put out a number of such books. Call up Green Thumb’s books on Amazon and see what the customer reviews say about his books. Find the email address for some of those customers and write a short note saying you’d love to get a review of your book as well. You can also get on blogs and other sites and find reviewers.

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