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Writing a book? Find your creativity

April 16, 2012

How many times has this happened to you? You’re driving down the road, perhaps fueled on caffeine, and ideas are just shooting from your head, like so many fireworks on the Fourth of July. Ideas for a book. Great. Pull over, grab that handly notebook and furiously jot down those thoughts. Okay. Perhaps that isn’t practical. It’s likely you’re late for work, it’s a crowded freeway and there’s no where to pull off. Better to get up every morning after those couple of cups of coffee and go with these thoughts. The point is: There’s a time of day when many of us feel more creative, and for a lot of you, it’s early in the morning, before the day has really begun and you have all these intrusive thoughts from the real world shouting at you for attention. Use this creative time to write your book.


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